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Statins found to INCREASE the risk of dying Hi, this is Larry Hobbs @ Statins were found to increase the risk of dying by 1% over 10 years according to a letter to the editor by Joel Kauffman, PhD, Professor of Chemistry. One study found 15 TIMES MORE BREAST CANCER in women given a statin. It seems to me that statins should NEVER be given to women. Two studies — the EXCEL trial and the AFCAPS trial — found that Mevacor (lovastatin) INCREASED the total risk of death. The PROSPER trial of Pravachol (pravastatin) found that the drug reduced the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease, but increased the risk of dying from cancer and stroke so that the overall risk of death was unchanged. The ALLHAT trial of Pravachol (pravastatin) found that the drug did NOT reduce the risk of dying or heart disease after 5 years. The MIRACL trial found that 80 mg of Lipitor (atorvastatin) did not reduce the risk of death or of a heart attack. Side effects of statins include… … congestive heart failure (where the heart muscle is too weak to keep up with the demands of the body) … rhabdomyolysis (rapid breakdown of muscle due to muscle damage which can cause kidney damage or kidney failure) … polyneuropathy (simultaneous malfunction of many peripheral nerves throughout the body which can cause problems with sensation or strength … amnesia (loss of memory). REFERENCE Kauffman, J. Statin Sales Slow — Letter to the Editor. Wall St. Journal, 2003, May 25. AUTHOR’S CORRESPONDENCE
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