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Dr. Sam Chachoua – Shattering The Myth of Incurable Disease (Full Length)

Dr. Sam Chachoua (pronounced ‘Cha-choo-wa’), is a medical doctor and health care researcher who has made excellent strides in finding potential cures for cancer, AIDS and heart condition. Dr. Sam Chachoua’s exceptional findings are almost unknown to this day. One cause has to do with his “outsider” status in the health care neighborhood, and the second is a series of misfortunes that have befallen him as a end result of the rampant greed and opportunism that accompany any key new discovery. “Healthcare study is not a career that yields monetary comfort for any but a number of leaders who are properly put the two politically and inside of the college institutes,” explains Chachoua. “The techniques exist within boundaries researchers ought to be part of a significant institute just before their operate can be quickly printed. Have you at any time heard of a cancer breakthrough or other healthcare advancement that did not arrive from a university or a hospital’s PR machine?” Chachoua won’t match any of the standard molds. He has developed his methods independently and has funded himself throughout the process. He failed to beg or compete for monetary grants, and this independence has permitted assumed to mature to sensible applications in remarkable fashion. Most investigation focuses on a minutia that never ever sees functional application, this sort of as intriguing laboratory findings or uncommon enzyme and gene configurations. By contrast, Chachoua’s function has produced the gigantic leap through the lab and animal scientific studies and correct into effective human
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