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Suzy Cohen Visits Amitabha Clinic (For Clinic Info. Call 707-829-5900)

Americas Most Trusted Pharmacist, Suzy Cohen, sits down with Dr. Isaac Eliaz at Amitabha Clinic in Sebastopol California. The Amitabha clinic is a sacred space where each person is treated with loving attention and given individualized care. The medical team strives to assist each person in identifying and achieving their personal goals of health and well being. The focus of the Amitabha Medical Clinic and Healing Center is on the integrative treatment and prevention of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and other chronic or debilitating illnesses, with an emphasis on healing breast, prostate and other hormone related cancers. Dr. Eliaz succesfully integrates Western allopathic medicine with the ancient science of Chinese Medicine, as well as with complementary therapies such as homeopathy, osteopathy, nutritional therapy and others, to create an outstanding healing practice that addresses not only cancer and chronic illness, but common illnesses and areas of imbalance as well. For More Information visit the clinic’s website at or call 707-829-5900. Learn more about Dr. Eliaz at and download free health reports at

Bariatric Fusion and Vitamin info

Bariatric Fusion Internet site: Bariatric Edge Site: Data on Chelated Minerals: Chelated minerals are specifically formulated mineral health supplements created to enhance absorption of these important vitamins and minerals into the system. What makes a mineral a chelated compound is the bonding of the mineral to nitrogen and the ligand that surrounds the mineral and safeguards it from interacting with other compounds. Despite the fact that chelated minerals are thought to be better absorbed inside the entire body, scientific studies have shown no considerable distinction amongst chelated and nonchelated varieties. (Get from the previously mentioned internet site) National Institutes of Health Truth sheet on Calcium: The sum of calcium your system obtains from various dietary supplements is dependent on the sum of elemental calcium in the tablet. The volume of elemental calcium is the quantity of calcium that actually is in the health supplement. Calcium absorption also is dependent on the complete quantity of calcium consumed at one time and whether or not the calcium is taken with meals or on an empty belly. Absorption from dietary supplements is best in doses 500 mg or much less because the % of calcium absorbed decreases as the amount of calcium in the supplement boosts [117118]. For that reason, a person taking one thousand mg of calcium in a health supplement should get 500 mg two times a day rather of one thousand mg calcium at one particular time. (Taken from the NIH)
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Temporary update on me, and my ideas on individuals who leap to WLS devoid of truly making an attempt to lose bodyweight
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