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MSG: The Taste That Kills?

AUTHOR’S Observe: I’ve uploaded my complete citation listing to MediaFire, considering that it retains throwing mistakes when I attempt to publish it right here. I am also operating on a entire video on sugars and sweeteners, but I desired to go into aspartame here as effectively, since they are equally excitotoxins. Free glutamate content of food items (mg for each 100g) Makombu 3190 Nori 1378 roquefort cheese 1280 parmesan cheese 1200 oyster sauce 900 soy sauce 780 Green tea 668 walnuts 658 fresh tomato juice 260 grape juice 258 peas 200 mushrooms 180 broccoli 176 tomatoes 140 mushrooms 140 oysters 137 corn a hundred thirty potatoes 102 chicken 44 mackerel 36 beef 33 eggs 23 human milk 22 chicken egg 15 (46 yolk, .two white) Source: