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Lap-Band Surgery Patient Information by LapLose Part 1 You may possibly have heard of the Laparoscopic adjustable band procedure (referred to as the Lap-Band). It is now the 2nd most common bodyweight loss medical procedures procedure carried out in the United States. At existing it is the minimum invasive and safest fat reduction procedure accessible — so significantly so that it is becoming the method of alternative in the adolescent population. We execute the Lap-Band Laparoscopically, and at existing our Bodyweight Reduction Surgery System is the only one particular in Kansas and numerous states in the area carrying out the duodenal change, biliopancreatic diversion and revision surgical procedure laparoscopically, as properly as the Lap-Band and Bypass operation. The Lap-Band is a restrictive process. The band is positioned around the extremely top rated portion of the abdomen, inducing bodyweight loss by restricting how much food can be eaten at any 1 time. The most appealing characteristic of the lap-band is the capability to modify it devoid of extra surgery, permitting a suitable suit for every affected person. By adjusting the band the surgeon can modify the pouch outlet dimensions to enhance the diploma of restriction felt by the patient. The smaller the outlet dimension, the better it will function to control meal part size, prolong satiety, decrease hunger and cravings, and thus reduce calorie intake. In contrast to other excess weight reduction surgery procedures, placement of the band does not alter the gastrointestinal tract. No stapling or reducing of the stomach or the intestine minimizes potential surgical problems, such as leakage