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Less Invasive Surgery with SPIDER Surgical System

Bariatric surgeon, Dr. Sherman Yu, highlights the SPIDER Surgical System and its unique capabilities. The system is used to help surgeons perform complex surgery with multiple arms through a tiny incision. Surgeons have used the system to perform gastric banding, gastric sleeves, gallbladder removal, and several other types of surgeries. To learn more, visit
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My surgery is a little over a week from now and I have received insurance approval and all of my medical clearances. I have also agreed to participate in a research study on the mechanisms of the effect of weight loss surgery on Type 2 Diabetes. Donovan: The Hurdy Gurdy Man “vertical sleeve gastrectomy” surgery bariatric “weight loss” obesity hospital diabetes hypertension “high blood pressure” “sleep apnea” food puree “baby food” salmon chicken isopure Protein research
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People consuming the most potassium were 35% less liikely to die from coronary heart disease Hi, this is Larry Hobbs @ The one-fifth of individuals consuming the most potassium have been 35% significantly less probable to die from coronary heart disease than the one particular-fifth of individuals consuming the minimum. The leading one particular-fifth consumed an average of 3363 mg of potassium per day as opposed to 1720 mg per day for the bottom 1-fifth. Hello, this is Larry Hobbs @ The one particular-fifth of men and women consuming the most sodium versus the one-fifth consuming the least were: 42 percent a lot more most likely to have cardiovascular disease… 55 % more probable to have a stroke of any type… 104 % much more likely to have an ischemic stroke (2X as likely). The top one-fifth consumed 6523 mg of sodium per day vs . 2322 mg per day for the bottom a single-fifth. The review involved 58730 Japanese topics (23119 adult males and 35611 ladies) aged 4079 years with no heritage of stroke, coronary heart illness, or cancer completed a life-style questionnaire among 1988 and 1990. They have been followed for an common of decades. This is another cause that I feel that potassium (bicarbonate) is vastly superior to ALL of the medication utilized for blood pressure. All of the drugs utilised for blood strain interfere with organic processes in the body. A 2004 examine (Smoller) found that in older (fifty-74) hypertensive women, wherever 20000 have been taking BP meds, and 10000 were taking NO BP meds, even even though blood strain was 10-fifteen mm Hg decrease in those taking BP meds, 7 of the 8 drug groups have been A lot more most likely to die of CV condition. Ive

William EM Lands (born July 22, 1930) is an American nutritional biochemist who is the world’s foremost authority on vital fatty acids. Lands graduated from University of Michigan in 1951 and served on the faculty there from 1955 to 1980. He then moved to University of Illinois (1980-1990) and subsequently the Nationwide Institutes of Well being (1990-2002), exactly where he served as the Senior Scientific Advisor to the Director of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Lands is credited for discovering the helpful results of balancing the effects of extra omega-six fatty acids with dietary omega-three fatty acids. The impact of important fatty acids on formation of hormones is documented in his guide, “Fish, Omega-three and Human Health.” University of Michigan’s Department of Biological Chemistry endowed a Lectureship in honor of William EM Lands. Total: twelve minutes in. Fish oil connected to 32% lowered threat of breast cancer. RCT underway. Saturated excess fat DOES NOT improve irritation or markers of oxidative anxiety.
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