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Cure for Heart Disease…Without Drugs or Surgery

AMERICAN SCIENTISTS SAY THEY INVENTED A Treatment FOR HEART Disorder IN 1991 According to one of the world’s most highly regarded scientists , we human beings no lengthier have to dread premature death or heart attack triggered by progressive cardiovascular disorder (CVD), undergo heart by-pass surgical procedure or angioplasty, or experience the chest ache of Angina Pectoris. The medicinal substances concerned are not medicines. The two primary components of the Linus Pauling invention are the two needed in some daily quantity for lifestyle by itself. The great advantage arrives from taking these two totally non-poisonous substances in quantities much larger than one typically consumes in the eating habits. Linus Pauling did not make this declare lightly, although he made it without having fanfare. Pauling waited until after cautious experiments at his institute confirmed the Lp(a) C connection. The particulars of this remarkable discovery, its suppression by health-related authorities, factors of the United States authorities and other governments, and the mainstream press, are described on these web pages. You can also watch a Linus Pauling lecture on video clip tape. Pauling explains how you can return your cardiovascular health, safely, with out surgery. Thanks to healthcare science, it is now doable for cardiovascular disease sufferers to reside a more healthful potential; totally free of ache and symptoms of their former cardiovascular sickness.

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