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Burden of the Glycemic Load Pharmacist Sherry Torkos explains the glycemic load and how a single serving of a particular meals will affect your overall blood sugar. *Rate – Comment – Subscribe*

Why Eat Low Glycemic Load Foods

The glycemic index can be challenging to comprehend but it is not difficult to eat appropriate from it.
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Benefits of Low Glycemic Load Diet

Im a massive fan of low glycemic load diets. Reduced glycemic load diet programs are limited in starches and considerable in fruits and vegetables. The typical macronutrient breakdown of a reduced glycemic load diet is forty/30/30 (Carb/Pro/Extra fat). Check out this video clip for far more on why lower glycemic load diet programs rule. To Download your copy of the Free of charge 47 moment “6 Pillars of Nutrition” Fat Loss Video go to

Jennie Brand-Miller Part 1 of 6 ‘Glycemic index and the glycemic load’

On July seven, 2010, Bioclinic Naturals and the Canadian Centre for Functional Medication co-hosted a lecture, Glycemic index and the glycemic load: a scientific update,” with guest speaker Jennie Brand-Miller PHD, FAIFST — author of The New Glucose Revolution and recognized for her work on carbohydrates and diabetes, particularly the glycemic index of food items. The complete lecture is 49 minutes in duration. For a lot more information make sure you pay a visit to:
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Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load

So what you truly use to count your intake of glycemic meals is Glycemic Load, which is a bit various than the Glycemic Index. That way you are taking serving size into account, given that we really don’t sit down and eat 50g of carbs every time we consume a foods. This is why some substantial glycemic index meals are actually low glycemic load and some lower glycemic index foods are genuinely large glycemic load. This is in which items get complicated! For much more foods to lookup glycemic load values, go to
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