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Michael Phelps ‘ diet (12000 calories a day)

Michael Phelps’ recent tabulation of his daily meals conjured up an image of reckless abandon: 2 pounds of pasta, an entire pizza, energy drinks, two cups of coffee, a five-egg omelet, a bowl of grits, three slices of French toast with powdered sugar, three fried-egg sandwiches with cheese and chocolate chip pancakes. The account left many asking, what do Olympians really eat?
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The Great American Heart Hoax, Dr. Michael Ozner, MD, FACC, FAHA

In the Excellent American Heart Hoax. Dr. Michael Ozner introduces the 10 Measures you really should get to steer clear of heart ailment and other inflammatory diseases. See more at
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A New Year’s Resolution with Fullbar and Dr. Michael Snyder, MD

Dr. Michael A. Snyder, MD describes the effectiveness of creating little life-style alterations that lead to more sustainable bodyweight loss. Huge modifications are tough to attain and are often short phrase as a consequence. Tiny adjustments compound about time to guarantee your excess weight loss continues. Make little alterations component of your new a long time resolution with Fullbar and view your excess weight drop. Right here are some ideas on Diabetes. Although there is no such issue as a diabetic diet program, the American Diabetes Association suggests that diabetics have fifty% carbs, thirty% fats and 20% proteins in a day-to-day diet plan. Protein is essential simply because it assists stabilize blood sugars in a single day, it gives amino acids that is utilised for skeletal muscle fuel and also supplies a feeling of satiety at meal instances. With protein the entire body rebuilds and gives essential nutrients not discovered in meals like carbs and fats. Folks who have diabetes can get their protein from a lot of sources like mats, cheese, nuts, soy, beans, and lentils. Meats, cheeses and nuts also contain fats so you can get two benefits by eating one particular. For carbohydrates, a fruit exchange is equal to a single carbohydrate like for illustration 1 little apple or a ½ cup of orange juice. A single starch exchange like one slice of bread , 1 cup cooked cereal or ½ medium of baked potato is a single carbohydrate. Yet another suggestion is to combine typical medicines and option medication in treating diabetes. One US FDA accredited substitute medicine is Hyperbaric oxygen remedy. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment method is about diabetics being placed in a sealed hyperbaric chamber inhaling 100% pure oxygen. The treatment method is protected, non evasive and non-toxic that it is ideal for children and previous men and women. Hyperbaric chambers are also accessible for sale or for lease hence making the treatment available. Thus making the treatment to be taken

Michael Savage – Vitamins, Cholesterol Myth, Heart Health

Savage discusses safer treatments to preserve your wellbeing, the drug lipitor and its hazardous results, the cholesterol myth, and being heart healthful with nutritional vitamins…Aired in 2007

Meals that can increase damaging cholesterol ranges contain these containing saturated and trans fats, this kind of as high-extra fat animal goods, numerous fried foods and meals containing hydrogenated oils. Decrease the usage of these substantial-cholesterol meals with wellbeing suggestions from a certified diabetes educator in this valuable video clip on nutrition.
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