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Dementia patients’ oral hygiene benefits from researched techniques

“Poor oral health can lead to pneumonia and cardiovascular disease as well as periodontal disease,” said Rita A. Jablonski, even though these illnesses are not usually associated with the mouth. According to Jablonski, assistant professor of nursing, Penn State, persons with dementia resist care when they feel threatened. In general, these patients cannot care for themselves and need help. Nurses who care for patients with dementia now have a tailored approach to dental hygiene for their charges, thanks to a pilot study by Jablonski and other nurses. Produced by C Roy Parker

Hepatitis B Vaccination in Younger Diabetes Patients

Dr. Mark Sawyer explains the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices’ new recommendation for hepatitis B vaccine in adults with diabetes. See the related story at

Dr. Henry Black, expert commentator on Medscape, discusses an Italian meta-analysis that found a clear reduction in stroke with aggressive blood pressure reduction in people with Diabetes. What about Myocardial Infarction? View more Black on Cardiology videos on Medscape:
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STOPS-Plastic Surgery in Darker Pigmented Patients

Dr. Suber responds to a viewers query concerning plastic surgery in patients with darker skin varieties. Specifically, he addresses the distinction amongst hypertrophic scars and keloids, conduite of each and every. Individuals with risk elements for keloids are not necessarily ruled out for plastic medical procedures. But thorough, thoughtful and meticulous managment is crucial.

Dr. Brian Long, recommends that his gastric surgery patients use Shakeology post-operation

Brian Long performs gastric surgeries that help patients to reduce caloric intake which results in weight loss. Shakeology is a great tool that helps to control appetite. Shakeology has a combination of vitamins and minerals in one, easy-to-take method that helps to reduce cravings.
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Weight Loss Surgery – Before and After Pictures of Dr. Rajeev Vohra’s Patients

At New York Bariatrics & Laparoscopy, PC, we are proud of our patients and their weight loss sucess. To follow is a just some of our patients who have undergone weight loss surgery including the Lap Band, the Gastric Bypass and the Sleeve Gastrectomy. With over 2500 surgeries performed, Dr. Vohra is one of the leading weight loss surgeons in Long Island.
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If you are looking for Affordable Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico, you have found the right place. WLS Clinic specializes in Gastric Sleeve, Lap Band and Gastric Bypass Surgery. Please call 1877.542.3822 to speak to a Patient Coordinator.

Successful amylin replacement therapy for your type 2 diabetes patients

Listen to Patrick Boyle, MD, lead doctor of Diabetes Care Management at the University of New Mexico and a well-known endocrinologist imagined leader, offer the key factors for effective pramlintide initiation and titration for your form one diabetes individuals, as properly as some clinical pearls on how to avoid the a variety of barriers and pitfalls you may well encounter. Provided by the Institute for Diabetes, Obesity, and Cardiovascular Disease (iDOC), a free resource for continuing medical schooling and other resources for health professionals concentrated on the treatment method of these 3 related problems. Check out for far more info.