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Robo tripping: Eat 30 Robitussin Pills and You Get Hypertension James Hunt, author of RoboChildren, downs thirty Robitussin tablets and then requires a trip to Wal-Mart to get much more. Proper next to the pills he finds a blood stress device.

Diet Pills For Weight Loss? Diet Pills For Weight Loss? PRESCRIPTION DIET PILLS 1. Phentermine. (Fastin, Ionamin, Adipex-P, generic versions) Appetite suppressant that affects neurotransmitters in the brain; appears on our list of best diet pills for short-term obesity management. Pros: Approved and regulated by the FDA to promote weight loss. Cons: Short-term use only; highly addictive. Side effects: blurred vision, chest pain, breathing difficulties, headaches, decreased libido. 2. Xenical. (Orlistat) First drug in its class to be FDA approved (1999); blocks absorption of fat in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Pros: Gained a spot on our list of best diet pills for successfully preventing up to 30% fat from being stored by the body. Cons: Despite effectiveness, also carries several dangers diet pills frequently exhibit. May block absorption of vital fat-soluble nutrients (Vitamins A, D, E, & K and beta carotene). Side effects: bloating, diarrhea, oily stool. 3. Meridia. (Sibutramine) Enhances satiety by increasing the brain’s levels of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that signals a full stomach; brings several dangers diet pills can cause. Pros: In studies, achieved 5-10% weight loss in one year. Cons: Elevated blood pressure; not for people with heart disease or stroke history. Side effects: nausea, insomnia, constipation, headache. NON-PRESCRIPTION DIET PILLS 1. Conjugated Linoleic Acid. Considered the top choice on our list of best diet pills, this product works safely without

Multi Disciplinary team of Doctors at the Asian Surgicentre Pvt.Ltd.,Ahmedabad(INDIA) have achieved what is believed to be the nation’s first stomach reduction via the Vagina.The procedure was done by Dr.Narwaria(Bariatric Surgeon), Dr.Nilay Mehta (Gastroenterologist &Endoscopist) and Dr.Sanjay Patel/Dr.Yogendra Jhala (Endoscopic Gunecologist). Expanding on the scope of Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery (NOTES), the current approach marks a crucial milestone in the field of minimally invasive surgery. The medical team headed by Dr.Mahendra Narwaria, Director of Asian Surgicentre Pvt.Ltd.Ahmedabad, is actively engaged in the development and evaluation of such innovative techniques to provide better treatment options to patients, globally. We have performed sleeve gastrectomy through vagina for the first time in the country and Asia Pacific region. Sleeve gastrectomy is a surgical weight loss procedure undertaken in patients affected with morbid obesity. The surgical removal of approximately 80% of the stomach, leaving a slender crescent-shaped stomach, induces early satiety and reduces food consumption, leading to a gradual weight loss in the treated patients. A 45 year old female with a BMI of 41 kg/m2 was offered a Hybrid NOTES Sleeve Gastrectomy. After an informed consent of the patient we have decided to perform a combined transvaginal-transumbilical approach for a sleeve Gastrectomy . The procedure was carried out by a multidisciplinary team using a