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Dr. Brian Long, recommends that his gastric surgery patients use Shakeology post-operation

Brian Long performs gastric surgeries that help patients to reduce caloric intake which results in weight loss. Shakeology is a great tool that helps to control appetite. Shakeology has a combination of vitamins and minerals in one, easy-to-take method that helps to reduce cravings.
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CNBC Host Recommends Statins be Put in the Water Supply

Makers of Crestor now declare that people with normal cholesterol are also at threat for heart attack. Their research shows that if this group has a large stage of hsCRP they decrease their threat for heart attacks and arterial condition. This even even though hsCRP signifies generalized inflammation not just arterial and heart. Of training course they didnt deal with the unfavorable side results of decreasing your cholesterol beneath standard ranges. Dr. Nissan of the Cleveland Clinic admits they will now get to treat a lot a lot more individuals (Oh boy!). One particular CNBC host asked no joke why statins are not place in the drinking water provide. The reaction: That would be a Communist plot just like fluoride.
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