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Regenocyte Stem Cell Therapy for Heart Disease – Part 1 of 4 An Introduction to the Regenocyte Stem Cell Therapy for Heart Patients. Featuring Dr. Zannos Grekos, a cardiologist primarily based in Naples, FL.

Contributed by: ( Cardiovascular illness refers to the class of conditions that involve the heart and blood vessels (arteries and veins). Whilst the term technically refers to any condition that affects the cardiovascular program, it is usually employed to refer to people connected to atherosclerosis (arterial disease). These situations have equivalent leads to, mechanisms, and therapies. In practice, cardiovascular illness is handled by cardiologists, thoracic surgeons, vascular surgeons, neurologists, and interventional radiologists, based on the organ technique that is getting treated. There is significant overlap in the specialties, and it is widespread for particular procedures to be done by various sorts of professionals in the very same hospital. Most Western countries deal with large and escalating charges of cardiovascular illness. Each year, heart disease kills far more Americans than cancer. Diseases of the heart alone triggered thirty% of all fatalities, with other illnesses of the cardiovascular system creating substantial further death and disability. It is the number 1 result in of death and disability in the United States and most European nations. A large histological review (PDAY) showed vascular damage accumulates from adolescence, generating key prevention efforts necessary from childhood. By the time that heart issues are detected, the underlying trigger (atherosclerosis) is usually fairly superior, acquiring progressed for decades. There is for that reason elevated emphasis on stopping