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Atkins Diet: What about sodium?

***Join the Atkins Diet Video Facebook fan page My Low Carb Blog – *** I delve into the topic of sodium and whether it is bad or good thing on a low carb diet, or said differently, does the Atkins Diet exacerbate the sodium problem. In fact if anything, I might have hypotension (too low) (~100 rather than too hypertension. Personally, I also have to increase my sodium intake due to my workouts and replenishing my electrolytes. Standard: (Changing standards of Recommended Daily Allowance) 2400mg of sodium assuming you are healthy. Current AHA recommendation is 1500mg per day ½ tsp Salt – 1200mg 1 tsp Salt – 2400mg Where do most people get their current sodium intake — commercially prepared foods and processed meats. Exchange that for locally or personally prepared foods, and your sodium intake goes down. Dangers of excess sodium intake / warning signs to reduce sodium intake: * Water retention / bloated * Hypertension * May cause osteoporosis * Increases the need for Potassium
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Salt, Sodium, Hypertension and Disease Prevention: A Consumers Perspective

“AREVOLUTION IN Education” Expertise by way of inspiration not memorization. Introduced to you by Dr. Arnold Nerenberg of The Nerenberg Institute. For more data or to acquire the complete-length lecture on DVD, go to – Salt, Sodium, Hypertension and Illness Prevention: A Buyers Standpoint – Lesson 149
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Stuffed Poblano Peppers. Low fat, cholesterol & low sodium dinner recipe for your healthy diet

Poblano peppers are a milder pepper yet still carry a kick to them. They are large peppers so easy to stuff and fill with yummy fillings. Here I have stuffed them with chicken, brown rice, fat free mozzarella cheese and various spices topped with a green mexican salsa. Serve these with fat free refried beans and a side salad to make a complete meal. Subscribe to heartsafecooking for notices on new recipes.
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