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Tomorrow Today | Studio talk: Dr. Detlev Ganten

And with us in the studio to talk about what other steps medicine is making in the area of circulatory and cardiac disease is Dr. Detlev Ganten,the former CEO the Charité hospital here in Berlin. Thanks very much for joining us.DW-TV: And with us in the studio to talk about what other steps medicine is making in the area of circulatory and cardiac disease is Professor Detlev Ganten,the former CEO of the Charité hospital here in Berlin,and an expert on hypertension. Now we know that about one billion people in this world suffer from high blood pressure and the numbers are even rising. We definitely need a solution. Will it maybe come from systems like we see in this report? Detlev Ganten: This patient was definitely lucky to be in Hanover and to have this high-tech treatment. But of course we cannot treat one billion people or more with this type of high-tech device. So we will have to think of something else. And fortunately we do have very effective drugs and of course we can also treat hypertension,especially mild hypertension,without drugs – just by better nutrition,healthier nutrition,less salt,more physical exercise,less obesity and so on. What’s actually going wrong in this world that so many people suffer from hypertension? What’s going wrong? Our heritage of course is as long as life as life has started. 3.5 million years agowe carry this in our genes civilization is going much faster than evolution. So our bodies lives in a civilization in an environment which is
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NBC Today – Life With Diabetes

November is Diabetes Awareness Month. There are twenty million People in the usa suffering from Diabetes these days and a lot of far more who may unknowingly have the ailment. The Today Present highlights an 11-12 months-old with kind 1 diabetes and her steady glucose keep an eye on. Her mother, who also has diabetes says, “we’re at a stage in which we can handle the disease” and the very best way to battle it is to keep conscious and vigilant.
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