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* FREE ENERGY inventor mysteriously died! Why don’t we have water powered cars?

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Drugs in Drinking Water Mind Control Must Watch!

Get A 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Method Here: n the Linked Press they did a report that about 41 million people are subjected to pharmaceutical medication in Taken care of consuming drinking water. We have all heard the declaring ‘There is a thing in the water’ Effectively There IS. Time to Stand UP and Get Pissed for The moment The united states. Keep in mind your baby’s formula is now getting contaminated with medicines. And there is NO FEDERAL or STATE Laws ON Water Therapy FOR Drugs. Beneath is a record of some of the pharmaceuticals they identified in Taken care of drinking water. ANTIBIOTICS Amoxicillin — for pneumonia, abdomen ulcers Azithromycin — for pneumonia, sexually transmitted conditions Bacitracin — prevents infection in cuts and uses up Chloramphenicol — for serious infections when other antibiotics can not be employed Ciprofloxacin — for anthrax, other infections Doxycycline — for pneumonia, Lyme condition, acne Erythromycin — for pneumonia, whooping cough, Legionnaires’ disease Lincomycin — for strep, staph, other severe infections Oxytetracycline — for respiratory, urinary infections Penicillin G — for anthrax, other infections Penicillin V — for pneumonia, scarlet fever, infections of ear, skin, throat Roxithromycin — for respiratory, skin infections Sulfadiazine — for urinary infections, uses up Sulfamethizole — for urinary infections Sulfamethoxazole — for traveler’s diarrhea, pneumonia, urinary and ear infections Tetracycline — for pneumonia, acne, belly ulcers, Lyme illness Trimethoprim — for

CNBC Host Recommends Statins be Put in the Water Supply

Makers of Crestor now declare that people with normal cholesterol are also at threat for heart attack. Their research shows that if this group has a large stage of hsCRP they decrease their threat for heart attacks and arterial condition. This even even though hsCRP signifies generalized inflammation not just arterial and heart. Of training course they didnt deal with the unfavorable side results of decreasing your cholesterol beneath standard ranges. Dr. Nissan of the Cleveland Clinic admits they will now get to treat a lot a lot more individuals (Oh boy!). One particular CNBC host asked no joke why statins are not place in the drinking water provide. The reaction: That would be a Communist plot just like fluoride.
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Heart Disease: A Silent Killer – A Cup of Cold Water (part 1 of 2)

Hear to Dr. Moshe Lewis, Yvette Scott, and Dr. John Cuniff examine heart illness. (Component 1) Discover about typical risk components for heart attacks. -Salty food items and their part in heart illness. -The rewards of Physical exercise Featuring: -Moshe Lewis, MD -Yvette Scott, PN -Dr. John Cuniff Featured on Comcast Channel 15 (Bay Region, CA) at these times: -Thursday, March 17 @ six:30p.m. -Saturday, March 19 @ nine:30a.m. -Sunday, March twenty @ one:00 pm -Tuesday, March 22 @ seven:thirty pm
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Neeta Shah, MD, Vice President of Women’s Wellbeing at the North Shore-LIJ Health Method discusses crucial matters on the wellbeing of girls. In episode #eleven Dr. Shah discusses heart condition in females, including cardiovascular concerns and prevention. Her visitor is Stacey Rosen, MD, Affiliate Chairman of the Division of Cardiology at Extended Island Jewish Healthcare Center