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Why Say You’ll Diet and Not Diet?? I’ve been hearing ‘you know i started my diet’ so many times, i don’t even pay attention to it anymore…if you’re going on a diet, go on a diet. lol music by:
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Blood Test Shows When You’ll Die

Some scientists are declaring a straightforward blood test can properly determine how prolonged you’ll stay. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian talk about if they’d try it and why or why not. Subscribe: TYT Cell: On Facebook: On Twitter: No cost Films(!): Examine Ana’s weblog and subscribe at: Study Cenk’s Blog:
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Shu Qi stars as Grace, a Hong Kong cop who longs to meet the perfect man. Regrettably, her current romantic position consists of two sparring suitors (like Raymond Wong Ho-Yin) who comically try to 1 up each other. Grace retains them each on a string, but just isn’t actually enamored with both. As a substitute, she has a recurring dream of a white-suited Prince Charming, who’ll arrive out of the supposed ether and sweep her off her feet. Not coincidentally, Grace does run into a white-suited fellow: Aman, played by Black Mask two star Andy On Chi-Kit. They cross paths when she travels to Malaysia with pal Joey (the elfin Isabel Chan), but Aman is more than meets the eye. His real title is Alex, and he is a mercenary-form on assignment. Here’s the offer: Alex is investigating Grace and Joey simply because he suspects that they may possibly be making an attempt to get a stolen missile advice system. Here is why: Joey is a product who’s in Malaysia to shoot a print advert, and her agent Bobby Chan (Lam Suet) is the broker for the stolen missile method. Here is why it isn’t going to make significantly perception: Grace and Joey shell out all their time acting like boy-ridiculous young chicks and NOT global terrorists. Nevertheless, Alex and his associate (Hui Siu-Hung) decide to make following these girls their chief pastime. Shu qi is my minimum favored actress, but I choose to upload this motion picture since it was film in Malaysia, in which I am from. :p
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